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Please read the Full Details and then watch the demo videos

Whammy Position

Find the best position for Virtual Jeff PRO before you start installation. Once you've touched down with the adhesive tapes you can't reposition the mount!

Whammy Install

Installation is simple and needs no tools or mods to your guitar. The Deep Dive - WHAMMY POSITION has tips on fitting VJ to various style guitars.


You can adjust the arm so it's loose, tight or anywhere in between.


The mount is quite simple to remove. The process is explained in the text, but the video may be easier to follow.


Virtual Jeff PRO has MiniLink...a tiny 2.4GHz wireless link.


Virtual Jeff PRO has vSmart processing for maximum footswitch flexibility.


Blend mixes the original guitar sound ('dry') with the pitch-shifted guitar sound ('wet'). The pitch-shift can be from moving the whammy arm, V-Capo or both. The balance between the two sounds affects the impact that BLEND has on the sound.

Bypass Modes

Virtual Jeff PRO has two bypass modes: Buffered and True Bypass.


VJP has 14 bit MIDI OUT to control external MIDI devices. The MIDI OUT is completely independent of the pitch functions so it doesn't matter if you're using V-Capo, Hold or Blend... MIDI OUT always sends data that tells you the current arm position - even in BYPASS mode.

Arm Buffer Zone

The whammy arm swings 30 degrees up and down, but you don’t have to push the arm all the way up/down to reach the designated pitch you’ve set.

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Power Supply Adapter Fitting

The power supply adapters are a tight fit. This tip will make it easier to fit the adapter properly.

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