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Frequently asked questions

1.    What's the best place to put the whammy?

It varies based on whether you've got a stud tailpiece, a floating bridge, an acoustic etc. For tips with all of those read the Deep Dive - WHAMMY POSITION and watch the companion video. Don't forget the Deep Dive - WHAMMY INSTALL, which will guide you through the process once you've figured out the best location.

2.    Where do I put the VJP stompbox in my pedal chain?  

VJP has a studio-quality analog buffer so we recommend putting the stompbox first in your chain. This will buffer your guitar from all the pedals, long cables etc that follow. For more detailed information, read the Deep Dive - BYPASS MODES and watch the video.

3.    Does a digital whammy change my tone?

No! We're both players of many years experience, so it was critical to us to have a fully transparent processor doing the pitch shift. We wanted to leave VJP active all night, instead of switching it on/off all the time. Check out the Deep Dive - BYPASS MODES video for a demo of active/bypass transparency.

4.    Where can I buy Virtual Jeff(R) PRO?

VJP is available for sale on our online store here

5.    I'm outside the USA - why can't I buy VJP on the website?

You can buy VJP in Canada, Australia, Europe and the UK. Click here to go to your preferred store location. 

6.    Can I use two VJP's wirelessly at the same time?

Yes! Each whammy pairs individually with its stompbox, so they won't interact. We recommend a maximum of 3 VJP's on stage at the same time. Please read the Deep Dive - MINILINK article and watch the video for more details.

7.    Is MiniLink compatible with my wireless guitar link (e.g. Line6 G10)?

We've successfully tested numerous links like the G10 with MiniLink. The only failures seem to be with the really cheap links - which probably aren't legal! Please read the Deep Dive - MINILINK article to find how MiniLink works and watch the video for more details.

8.    I love BLEND - how do I change the balance between dry guitar and pitched guitar?

The blend 'balance' setting is displayed for 5 seconds every time you turn BLEND on - it flashes two LEDs. Use the right pitch-set buttons to change the balance. Moving the LEDs to the left raises the dry guitar level, moving them to the right raises the pitched level. See the Deep Dive - BLEND article and video (it's easier to show than explain!), with samples of the many things you can do with BLEND.

9.    What footswitches work with VJP?

The footswitch inputs are compatible with most industry-standard footswitches... there's no trick electronics required. We recommend 'momentary' switches because we've put vSwitch firmware into VJP. This means momentary switches can have momentary or latching behavior. See the Deep Dive - FOOTSWITCHES article and video for details, including instructions on how to make your own for a few dollars.

10.    Does VJP have True Bypass?

Yes, but we highly recommend 'Buffered Bypass' instead. Read the Deep Dive - BYPASS MODES article and watch the video to see why.

11.    How do you remove the mount?

The mount is quite simple to remove. The process is explained in the DEEP DIVE - REMOVE MOUNT text , but the video may be easier to follow.

12.    Can you adjust the arm?

You can adjust the arm so it's loose, tight or anywhere in between. The process is explained in the DEEP DIVE - ARM SETUP text. Watch the full video here.

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