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exclusive offer for Ian's friends

We're offering a whopping $150 off
Virtual Jeff® PRO for Ian's friends!

This exclusive offer includes a bonus
2 Pack of Mounts Free!

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"The wildest whammy ever" - ian

Quick tour of features

The most extreme development of whammy bars in 70 years

The world’s first digital whammy bar was designed in Australia by Ian and Peter, so it's road-tested and fine-tuned for gigs, studio, rehearsal and home.















Superb dynamic range and complete transparency from VJP's incredible DSP are matched with AI processing to provide intuitive feedback.

SmartPitch™ makes you a whammy expert in seconds ... and no whammy tuning hassles!

Tivoli Show 2 PW & IAN.PNG

no fuss install


Add a VJ custom mount in ten seconds.

No holes, no routing, no tools.


Add mounts to all your guitars and move VJ around in seconds.


2 whammys in 1

Individual UP and DOWN pitch settings for Whammy A and Whammy B.


Instant silent switching between them.


All automatically saved for the next gig. 

virtual capo


V-Capo is perfect for drop-tuning or up-shifts and Whammy A and B work as normal at any V-Capo setting.


V-Capo setting is auto-saved.

Hold & blend


HOLD freezes the pitch during any bend. Leaves your picking hand free for tricky licks.

BLEND mixes the original guitar with pitched guitar (with balance control). Glorious chorus, metal sub-octaves, parallel harmonies and much more.


Both with vSwitch flexibility.

State of the art

Ab (1).png

A studio-quality analog
buffer and next gen DSP
are the secrets of VJP's
transparent performance

No coloration or  dynamic

... just pure tone

Here's what reviewers say..

"A device that's really blowing my mind ... the tracking is amazing ... there's no latency"

 RJ Ronquillo (Nashville, USA)

"It's a really good whammy... the whammy action feels good... it's instantaneous and there's no lag...!"

Darrell Braun (Canada)

"The tracking is really impressive.."

Vinai T (Thailand)


"Its transparency, polyphonic tracking and speed are unrivalled in my experience."

Brett Kingman (Australia)

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