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THE most extreme development IN WHAMMY BARS FOR 70 YEARS.


The world’s first digital whammy bar was designed by touring players so it's road-tested and fine-tuned for gigs, studio, rehearsal and home.

Superb dynamic range and complete transparency from VJP's incredible DSP are matched with AI processing to provide intuitive feedback.

SmartPitch™ makes you a whammy expert in seconds ... and no whammy tuning hassles!

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no fuss install


Add a VJ custom mount in ten seconds.

No holes, no routing, no tools.


Add mounts to all your guitars and move VJ around in seconds.

2 whammys in 1

Individual UP and DOWN pitch settings for Whammy A and Whammy B.


Instant silent switching between them.


All automatically saved for the next gig. 

virtual capo


V-Capo is perfect for drop-tuning or up-shifts and Whammy A and B work as normal at any V-Capo setting.


V-Capo setting is auto-saved.

Hold & blend


HOLD freezes the pitch during any bend. Leaves your picking hand free for tricky licks.

BLEND mixes the original guitar with pitched guitar (with balance control). Glorious chorus, metal sub-octaves, parallel harmonies and much more.


Both with vSwitch flexibility.

State of the art

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A studio-quality analog
buffer and next gen DSP
are the secrets of VJP's
transparent performance

No coloration or  dynamic

... just pure tone

here's what people are saying

"Loved it, it is a fantastic concept and it really opens the door for us solid body players, I mainly use it to waggle a little or trill on a note and to add this function to a Les Paul is excellent, very cool indeed. Honourable mention to the virtual capo which has allowed me to detune half a step instead of changing guitars, this function will reduce the amount of guitars on the road 🤘"

"When you realise it can do so much more than a traditional Whammy you find yourself spending hours exploring the possibilities. You get the feeling there is a lot more 'in there' that you have yet to discover!"

"I was extremely surprised with how the VJ worked like a wonder. I saw some demo videos before receiving the VJ and I wasn't sure if it would really work like it's shown on the videos, besides I'm a bass player and wasn't sure if it would even pick up the lower register of the bass sound. The moment I plugged it in and played it I was shocked how well it responded as if it was a indigenous part of my bass guitar."


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50 shades of jeff

see Virtual Jeff® pro in action

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