Meet the creators of Virtual Jeff

A short note about why

Many classic guitars lack a whammy bar… the Les Paul™ or a Telecaster™ for example. I played one for years - a Gibson 335 – looking enviously at those Strat™ guys. One day, I bought a pitch pedal which was lots of fun – but operating it by foot was very limiting apart from trick bends.

It certainly wasn't as musical or expressive as a whammy bar can be.

Over a year of research, development and industrial design went into the first VJ prototype.

It was worth the wait.

A whammy novice, I immediately sounded like a pro.

The software built in to the VJ processor made sure of that. That's when the name Virtual Jeff was coined.

It seemed to fit perfectly.



I played, toured and did sessions for years before moving to the other side of the control room window as a recording engineer/producer. That gave me access to many great players and spawned some good friendships.

Because I've always been a tone hound, it was natural to build stomp boxes and pedal-board rigs for myself and others. And I've been lucky enough to have premier players willing to be crash-test-dummies on gigs and in the studio.

So far, I haven't lost a friend.

Peter Walker, FOMOfx Lead Developer