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Peter Walker - Inventor of Virtual Jeff® PRO 

A multi-platinum recording engineer/producer, Peter worked with Aussie acts like Tommy Emmanuel, Midnight Oil, Hoodoo Gurus, Cold Chisel, Air Supply... and internationals like David Bowie, Police, Duran Duran and Elvis Costello.

Peter started programming as a hobby in the 80's. By the 90's he was heavily involved in AI and VR. He holds multiple patents for sensors, control systems and data processing.

As featured in





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cyber week Sale!!


Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater

"I love it!!!"

What Legends Say

Mike Gordon, Phish

"Thanks for your ingenuity - It was quite a night of whammying :)"

Floyd Rose

"I'm glad you did it properly"

Virtual Jeff at work

cyber week Sale!!


Here's what owners say...

The ultimate pitch-fx processor for
Acoustics, Electrics, Bass, Keys and Harp

2 Whammys in 1

Individual UP and DOWN pitch settings for Whammy A and Whammy B.


Instant silent switching between them.


All Whammy settings automatically saved for the next gig.


Virtual Capo

V-Capo is perfect for drop-tuning or up-shifts and Whammy A and B work as normal at any V-Capo setting.


V-Capo setting is auto-saved.

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BLEND mixes the original guitar with pitched guitar (with balance control). Glorious chorus, metal sub-octaves, parallel harmonies and much more.

HOLD freezes the pitch during any bend. Leaves your picking hand free for tricky licks.

cyber week Sale!!


Flawless Tracking   Transparent Tone   Pure Fun!

Fast Shipping


5 Star Customer Service

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2 Year Warranty


cyber week Sale!!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the pitch shifting for VJP compared to other units available in the market?
    We spent 2 years perfecting the pitch shift DSP to maintain transparency and dynamic response - so you can leave VJP on all night without any loss of tone or touch. Don't try that with most pitch shifters! The acid test is the response from reviewers and users: they all say our transparency and tracking is the best!
  • Does it work on Archtop Guitars (Les Pauls, 335's)?
    Yes! The mount was designed after we did precise measurements of dozens of guitars, including archtops from Gibson, Gretsch, Guild etc. Although the mount is flat it works perfectly on all those curved tops. P.s. I played a Gibson 335 all my life so it was important to get that right!
  • How to remove the mount from my guitar?
    Removal is straightforward and requires only some common items: an old ‘E’ string, naptha (ZIPPO lighter fluid) and patience. For details, see the DEEP DIVE section on mount removal. Tech note: We use a rubber-based adhesive on the mount which won’t affect the guitar finish like an acrylic adhesive (Warning: All other double-sided tapes use an acrylic adhesive!).
  • Where do you ship from?
    All orders ship from our fulfillment center in New Jersey, using FedEx 1-3 day shipping service.
  • Does VJP work left-handed?
    Our apologies to the lefties of the world! The internal mechanics of VJ are quite complicated so reversing the orientation for a left-handed version requires major retooling. You can use VJP ‘back-to-front’ by swinging the arm around 180 degrees, like some of our lefty owners.
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