Virtual Jeff has high-precision pitch control – with zero errors
at every setting. That’s guaranteed. All night.

virtual jeff

The stomp box controller is easy to use on stage, in the studio, in the bedroom.

It has user Pitch Pre-sets
and a Mode footswitch to seamlessly swap between them.

And True Bypass too.

Expert Mode

Your bend reaches the Pitch Pre-set just before max arm travel – then stops at that pitch. You don’t need years of practice to find a perfectly tuned note. Sound like an expert in seconds – even during fast phrases. Don’t tell your friends.

Any Style

Virtual Jeff bends pitch smoothly, just like a normal whammy. Dips, subtle waggles, bends to new notes – even dive bombs. On chords too. Fake a pedal steel, go wild with open tunings, play the blues, rock all night, scream like metal. No limits.

Two Footswitches

Mode Selector (A or B), True Bypass. All with wide-angle LEDs.


Standard 9v supply (centre pin negative). 60mA max current.

It'll change the way
you play. Not the
way you sound.

Pitch Pre-sets

Set the pitch limit at max travel in both directions (up and down). Choose the type of whammy you want in each Mode – A or B.

Your two favourite whammy’s in one box!

4 selectable Pitch Pre-sets for Mode A
(1) +1 / -1 semitone
(2) +2 / -2 semitones
(3) +3 / -2 semitones
(4) +3 / -4 semitones

4 selectable Pitch Pre-sets for Mode B
(1) +4 / -5 semitones
(2) +5 / -7 semitones
(3) +12 / -12 semitones
(4) +12 / -24 semitones



8 User pitch pre-sets – from 1 semitone to 2 octaves down; 1 semitone to 1 octave up

Two 'modes' (A and B), foot switchable – instantly switch between User pitch pre-sets

Standard stomp-box size and power – 9VDC, 60mA, negative pin

True Bypass